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Skillset verses Mindset

May 27th, 2010

In your opinion, is there more impact on success from skillset or mindset? Can you be successful with a low skillset and a great mindset? Or a high skillset and a challenging mindset?  What can guarantee success?

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Game of Mindset

July 22nd, 2009

I have been getting Google alerts for the past year whenever the word Mindset appears in a published article or online news release. I admit I have been amazed at the consistent use of the word and in the broad applications. Everything from sports (golf, basketball, baseball, football, swimming, soccer, etc) to politics (local, state, national and International) to economics (investing, spending, stock market)  to education to health to … you get the idea.

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Power of Mindset

July 9th, 2009

Welcome to this blog about the Power of Mindset.

Why do a blog about Mindset? In the last 20 years of my personal leadership consulting, an individual’s mindset has consistently been a critical aspect of their success. Often they had the skill set needed for success yet they were not applying what they knew or they behaved in such a way that they sabotaged their progress.

I view mindset as the current frontier of ensuring success. Sure it has been referenced, discussed and approached in various ways over the years. However, what I have observed is that it is often reported that changing a mindset is a hard and difficult process. I agree IF you continue to approach changing a mindset through traditional methods. There are current processes that allow for simple, quick and sustainable change.

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